His phone was dead and the dirt and rubble didn’t allow sunlight to reach him. How long had he been down here? Something hard and cold was impaled through his side and it was difficult to breathe. The ground above and below had him pinned looking down so his face was in the dirt and… Continue reading Worth.

Too Much Has Already Been Written About Storms

It was a once in a ten year storm. Catastrophic. Never before seen, heard or imagined. That’s what the media told us. In our current climate it felt like we had one of these almost every other week but we didn’t care, not tonight. Tonight felt like something special. I chucked on an old shirt… Continue reading Too Much Has Already Been Written About Storms


There is nothing in my mind that is worth repeating nothing worth keeping sky green and ground in between. Driving a circular highway lined by things unseen Keeping me safe Keeping me sound sky green and ground in between. Spending money because that’s what I’m told to do Pretending I'm trying because that’s what I’m… Continue reading Interstate-95

Cars/Do Me A Favour

Sitting in cars getting trapped in cars I didn’t want you to drive me home Tears on the steering wheel,  dripping on the seat Sitting in cars getting trapped in cars Sitting at the bottom of the shower Sitting over the drain and watching the water level rise Water draining mirrors your eyes as we… Continue reading Cars/Do Me A Favour


“You know when you’ve got nothing and they take that too, what’s that called?” “You’re so boring.” “Fuck you.” “Whatever Nietzsche.” I punch him in the shoulder and he laughs so I punch him again. He ignores me and pushes between my knees, leaning his chest against mine. His weight presses me against the shower… Continue reading Leeches