List of current publications and where to find them:

‘The Shadow of Something Real’: Published November 2020 by Underground Writers for their horror anthology. It’s a creepy creature short story that I foolishly set in my own bedroom. Inspired by Lovecraft, and sleepless nights spent watching the Hills Hoist spin in the gloom of the backyard. It can be downloaded for free here.

‘Firefight’: Published May 2021 by Gypsum Sound Tales as part of their Colp series. The theme for this anthology was ‘Underground’. I wrote a story about guilt and redemption where Carla, after losing her home in a bushfire, is enlisted to fight the growing blaze as it spreads beneath the earth. It can be purchased here.

‘Angels’ Rest’: Published August 2021 by Zombie Pirate Publishing for their Pirates of the Empyrean anthology. Follow Monk, a double agent who has infiltrated the sky-pirate crew of the infamous Grey Bonnie. Things start to go wrong as he discovers that pirates aren’t the only threat in the sky. It can be purchased here.

‘Never’: Published October 2021 as the third place winner for the Never Never Flash Fiction Challenge. The brief was to write a fifty-word flash piece inspired by the theme of ‘never’. It can be read here along with a short interview with yours truly.

‘These Uncertain Times’: Independently published October 2021 as a run of fifty printed zines that could be acquired by either making a charity donation or by swapping art. The original series was published weekly in April 2020 and can be found on this site. The revised 2021 edition was printed on demand for one week only, with excess copies ascertainable on request. For more information check out the post here.

‘The Job’: Published February 2022 by Surface Dweller Studios for their Los Suelos, CA multimedia project. Each contribution sought to expand upon the strangeness of Los Suelos, an isolated town in the Californian desert. My own story is a mix of body horror and weird fiction, and is best enjoyed by immersing yourself deep in the lore of Los Suelos. Descend here.