Hard Rubbish

Next to a broken set of drawers is a couch with the seat pillows missing and on top of the couch is a mattress and between the mattress and the couch is a dead body. I’m pretty sure it’s dead. The arm dangling down the side of the couch is bloodied and one of the… Continue reading Hard Rubbish

Anything You Want, You Can Have.

I check the cable ties again and frown. He’s sweating and keeps moving about so much I’m worried he’ll get loose. I’ve always trusted rope more than these stupid bits of plastic but the company won’t fork out for anything these days. ‘Superfluous and unreliable’. Idiots. I use a second tie around both his wrists… Continue reading Anything You Want, You Can Have.

over and over and

this place is not mine this place where my mind is kept it pushes me through the walls and windows of other places where minds are kept over and over I do the same thing again over and over I do the same thing again I open doors and run inside houses that aren’t mine I… Continue reading over and over and


His phone was dead and the dirt and rubble didn’t allow sunlight to reach him. How long had he been down here? Something hard and cold was impaled through his side and it was difficult to breathe. The ground above and below had him pinned looking down so his face was in the dirt and… Continue reading Worth.

Collage (Old)

Everything I think has been thought before Nothing I feel can feel like anything but nothing I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do Everything I think has been thought before. And while my mind in make-up is unique, In deliverance in intention and In… Continue reading Collage (Old)

Too Much Has Already Been Written About Storms

It was a once in a ten year storm. Catastrophic. Never before seen, heard or imagined. That’s what the media told us. In our current climate it felt like we had one of these almost every other week but we didn’t care, not tonight. Tonight felt like something special. I chucked on an old shirt… Continue reading Too Much Has Already Been Written About Storms

Flight & Fight

It is hot. It is bright. I left my sunnies in the car and my head hurts. There is a pimple on my neck and I scratch it idly. I turn to my cousin who is a cunt. “Hey can I borrow your sunnies?” “No.” Cunt. I squint up at the monolith in front of… Continue reading Flight & Fight

The Fifes Go On Holiday

“Kids, your mother and I have something we need to tell you.” Peter paused. He relished the tension reflected in the eyes of his three children and forced himself not to grin as he took a deliberate sip of tea. Susan, his wife, sighed and squeezed his shoulder. “Come on Peter, you’re being cruel.” “Yeah… Continue reading The Fifes Go On Holiday


There is nothing in my mind that is worth repeating nothing worth keeping sky green and ground in between. Driving a circular highway lined by things unseen Keeping me safe Keeping me sound sky green and ground in between. Spending money because that’s what I’m told to do Pretending I'm trying because that’s what I’m… Continue reading Interstate-95