New Weird Fiction Story Published

New short story alert! Immerse yourself in the weird world of Los Suelos, an isolated town in the Californian desert, and the new multimedia project from Surface Dweller Studios.

Somewhere in the flatlands, in the shade of the Bolt Gun Hills, on the sunbaked silt of the San Joaquin, is a small town. Along the river bowls are burning, snakes are rattling, phones are out of service. The cows at the slaughterhouse are mooing, ‘Thank you’. This is Los Suelos, a town for diggers and seekers, or maybe for no one at all. Won’t you come visit?

This project is a collection of work that expands upon the strangeness of Los Suelos. My own story is a mix of body horror and weird fiction, and I am stoked to have it appear amongst so many amazing creators.

Take the time to check out the site, play the game (pictured above, and amazing to play), listen to the music, and of course read the stories. Maybe you’ll find mine.

Descend with us.

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