Introduction to: ‘These Uncertain Times’

This is bigger than you and me.

That doesn’t mean we stop being us.

A global emergency in our own backyard.

When a super-fungus takes over the world, Cara and Oscar, and the entire country’s population, hide away in isolation. Widespread fear fuels a dystopian lifestyle almost overnight.
Cara, who thrives on human connection, feels as if she is losing her sense of self. As she struggles in this new normal, her partner Oscar withdraws from her as he leans into isolation.
It doesn’t help that their eccentric neighbour refuses to self-isolate, and the woman across the road watches their house at night. Oh yeah, and that pandemic thing.

An ‘alternate reality’ relationship drama with a healthy dose of sci-fi nonsense, These Uncertain Times is a long short story told in six parts over six weeks.

In a crisis how do you know what’s important?
In a crisis who do you become?

2 thoughts on “Introduction to: ‘These Uncertain Times’”

  1. Good luck with your writing project, Zac. I also write serialised fiction, but much longer than six parts, and not usually about a pandemic. 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog by the way.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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