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Razors cut lines. You are the reason I can’t be me. Why can’t you believe that we can be better? Evolve beyond history, beyond toxic norms and bad behaviour? Where is your empathy not for battle lines but for human beings? You are the reason the world will die. Razors cut lines. We are all given ultimate power yet so many of us take that from others not realising it doesn’t make us any stronger. This is not new and it is not impossible to grasp. Tangible and evident in the everyday. Razors cut lines. No one is saying that you are wrong and that you are evil simply by existing. However by actively harming people you are putting yourself in the very box you don’t want to be in and if you keep behaving as you are you will be buried in it. Bricks that stand in the way of change are simply thrown aside. Razors cut lines. Your pedestal is brittle and precarious and I hope for your sake and mine that this platform you shout down from does not have the permanence we believe it has. Realise you can come down from there before you fall. This life is a choice and you can be better. You are the reason the world will die but you can also be the reason it survives. Razors cut lines.

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